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Scene 7: Femme Vaudou

Luella is shown walking through a wooded area in the dark (camera angle is as if someone is watching her) she walks up to creepy house that appears to be abandoned(it is the Femme Vaudou home/“voodoo lady’s home”) Luella slowly walks up the steps and knocks on the door 2x(Luella’s looks around with a look of fear on her face ..No one answers ..Luella walks around to a side (or back) door she knocks once and the door opens. She begins to slowly walk in. The house is dark with several candles lit, Luella looks around at the bizarre paintings and statues (with a fearful expression on her face) a woman is heard chanting in the background (low creepy music plays)



She yells while walking through what appears to be a hallway/down the steps into a dark candlelit room) A strange woman is sitting down chanting with her eyes closed/ Her face is covered in ritual makeup and her head is tied is a black scarf /she is wearing a black dress

Bonjour Madame Laveau…

woman continues to chant with her eyes closed/ Luella now begins to walk slowly towards the woman


My name is Luella, there were two little girls murdered in town

woman continues to chant, Luella walks closer and closer

I need….


Madame Laveau:

camera does a close-up view on Madame Laveaus face as her eyes open stretched wide

she has spine-chilling look on her face, she screams 

He wanted Blood Luella!!!!


confused look on her face/in a whispering voice


shakes head slowly

What did you say?

Madame Laveau:

The woman looks at Luella with piercing eyes and lets out a horrifying laugh


She smiles

Je veux du sang (repeats 2x)


Luella runs towards the woman and kneels down in front of her

I need your help!

Madame Laveau:

eyes stretched

tu as besoin de Dieu!!!

(translates into English with an angry tone, yelling)

You need God Child!!! I can show you only what you already know!

Luella and Madame Leveau stare at one another intensely.

Madame Leveau gets up and takes a small bottle off the table

Madame Leveau:

Drink this when the moon’s light shines on all living souls and only then will the dead reveal your truth!

Femme Vaudou - Ivory Moses
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